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Born and raised in Philadelphia, my parents' teachings and my exposure to a world outside my immediate surroundings contributed to my artistic perspective. I was an artist since I can remember and I get excited walking into my favorite art stores. I find inspiration for my designs in everything – from the color of an autumn leaf to the pattern in one of my trademark wrap skirts. I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, but dabble in anything artistic, such as interior design, jewelry making and painting.

I am a proud graduate of Florida A&M University and have received ten ADDY Awards and a Graphic Design USA Award, recognizing my contributions to the field of graphic design. I love the fact that I have been able to work with some of the most prestigious design agencies in the country. The experience I've acquired has helped me grow tremendously as a designer, an artist and as an entrepreneur.

I started a design agency, Creatology Imagination Lab, with two of my friends from college. Creatology is centered around the concept that although art and design are known to be free form and unrestrictive, there is also a science behind the development of wonderfully creative work. I also design and create hand-made jewelry, and have been commissioned to paint children's art. I surround myself with design and creativity because it fuels me. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing.

Being an artist is not just about making things look pretty; it is about making the environment better through beauty and character. The close relationship with my family has contributed greatly to my worldview. My father taught me how to love and appreciate myself. My mother taught me that what makes you a beautiful woman is not the shade of lipstick you're wearing, or the size of your dress, but the size of your heart and what you are doing for your community. To me, the most beautiful work is that which is not only appealing to the eye, but that helps, inspires and uplifts others. I hope to inspire people through my designs and possibly bring them closer to their dreams.

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My Skills

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Branding + Concept Development100%
100% Complete
UI & UX Design75%
75% Complete
Production / Quality Control100%
100% Complete
PowerPoint / Presentation Design75%
75% Complete
Adobe Creative Suite100%
100% Complete
Dreamweaver 30%
30% Complete